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The Hoosier Hot 50 is designed for those just entering the job market and those looking for a career change.Here are the top 10 most needed trades in the world. 10. Personal Financial Advisors.Several occupations on this list also have suffered from companies moving jobs abroad. U.S.-based semiconductor processors jobs fell by half between May 2002 and May 2012, partly because of the lower labor cost in other countries.

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Still, traditional prepress tasks can now be accomplished on word processors in advertising offices and public relations agencies and no longer need to take place at the printing press.

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The table below compares the incomes of the top jobs in the Jobs Rated report, based on educational attainment required to get hired.List of the top 10 trades: Medical Assistant, Pharmacy technician, Dental assistant, Cosmetology, Plumbing, Construction, Elevator installation and repair, HVAC, Iron.Top 10 Industries in America That Will Decline Over The Next.

Regions Financial and UAB Health System are also among the top 10,.If you have the skills, you can get a position almost immediately.Here are the top 10 Foreign Trade Manager profiles on LinkedIn.The Best Jobs of 2012 are a diverse mix of occupations that span several industries.

Compare the best vocational careers with side-by-side comparisons to see which are the highest paid vocational jobs requiring an associates degree.Check out this list of the top 10 highest paying trade and technical careers to learn more about opportunities which will.Well there are a wide range of jobs in the Skilled and Trades category and their.Traveling the world while working and earning your honest salary.

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Learn more about skill trade career opportunities at Monster. Much of the labor involved with skilled trades jobs is manual.Check out these 10 highest-paying jobs for vocational graduates,.

For drilling and boring machine operators working with metals and plastics, as well as for textile workers, automation has helped contribute to a more than 50% decrease in jobs between 2002 and 2012.Such managers help determine the media in which to advertise, conduct market research and help plan advertising campaigns.In that time, the estimated number of advertising and promotions managers fell by nearly two-thirds.Unfortunately, home construction plunged during the housing crisis, and new housing starts — a measure of the volume of construction nationwide — remain well below historical levels.

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Word processors spend a lot of their time typing and transcribing letters and other documents.Find Skilled Trades and Labour jobs in Canada on Browse all available job opportunities.All the vocational careers listed above are excellent options for anyone looking for a stable and well-paying job,. their trade on the job. has an.

What are the average salary ranges for jobs in the Skilled and Trades category.From the skilled trades to mobile app developer, check out our list of top 10 hot jobs and discover the positions that are in demand across Canada.LINKEDIN COMMENT EMAIL MORE Because of a major decline in jobs during the recession, the number of nonfarm workers is up just 5% the past 10 years.

IBTimes compiles a list of the greatest trades of all time with accompying information that explains the rankings.

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Top 10 (Legal) Jobs You Can Learn in Prison. inmates only have the opportunity to learn trades that are known to be in.Browse the top 10 international jobs and find out how an education can take you from an oil rig in Norway to the halls of finance in Singapore.

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Because of the housing crisis, many occupations in the construction sector were disproportionately hurt, while many manufacturing trades lost jobs due to structural changes in the economy.Similarly, more than half of textile jobs were cut due to the combination of outsourcing and improved automation.

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Here are the top 25 Foreign Trade Assistant profiles on LinkedIn.Updated on July 12, 2012. others are looking into trade schools.