Not having polls directly integrated is a big drawback for debates on Reddit CMV and Reddit in general.Then why does OPs signature say biggest Breaking Bad fan on the vesti.This website is a educational recreation of the website This website doesn't have any commercial interests.I will argue that DebateIsland PersuadeMe is better than Reddit CMV.If you look at the Reddit CMV daily leaderboard, top users only have 2-4 deltas weekly.Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich is a longstanding argument regarding whether hot dogs served in a sliced bun can be considered a type of sandwich.

Adam Ruins Everything - Why the Electoral College Ruins Democracy truTV. Loading. Unsubscribe from truTV.It is truly unique and while I am not ready to switch completely from Reddit CMV, I will plan to debate here.

Reddit CMV sub is hugh, with thousands online at any given point of time.

Reddit reportedly raising $50M at a $500M valuation

It was the best place online to do that, until July 10th 2017, when DebateIsland, popular debate website, launched an amazing Persuade Me debate option.I have to say that DebateIsland persuade Me format looks like a great alternative to Reddit CMV for many people (but not all).This new addition of the persuade me format naturally blends in to the other functionality and debating options.

This thread is a joke, everyone knows Breaking Bad is the best show of all time.Users come to Reddit CMV with an open mind to seek out arguments that will have their views changed in some way.

Full range of other reactions such as agree, disagree, funny, fallacy, fist bump are available to express your views.And kids, get your parents to help you with participating on Reddit.

Reactions are much easier and friendly to use than cryptic deltas embedded in text and picked up by a delta bot. 3) In Reddit CMV, people are not just changing their views too often.The users who will continue to prefer Reddit CMV include those who seek more strict moderation and a larger community.I completely agree that the New DebateIsland Persuaded debate is a great feature.

I love the friendly reactions, the ease of use, and the fact that it is mixed with other debate formats.If I went to a neighbourhood that has a high crime and poverty rate, do you.IGN uses cookies and other tracking technologies to customize online advertisements, and for other purposes.